Our Core Services

Tree, Shrub Planting. Gardening plots custom raised beds.

Small tree, shrubs planting also flower beds, gardens and boarders.Tilling weed eating small landscaping. Custom raised flower beds ans gardens.

Landscaping Design

Landscaping, removing brush shrubs and small trees. place on curb for removal or hauled off for a small fee, Flower beds, mulching walkways other services available . .

Rush Removal

Small trees brush and shrub removal, places on curb for pick up or hauled off for a small fee. Lawn clean up leaves and grass removal.

Lawn Maintenance

Mow, Edge, trim and blow along with Killing fire ants mounds with small limb, pine cone and small limb removal is our standard service.

Coming soon, Lawn staging – Get your home ready to sell fast. Call or email for information and price.

20 plus

Years Of Exp.

3  City’s and Surrounding areas.

Morehead City, Havelock, New Bern


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Green Grass

Cleaning Plant

Parking lot Cleaning

Garden Care, Snow Removal

Lawn Cutter

Garden Care, Lawn Cutter

Growing Plant

Garden Care, Cleaning Flower

Flower Cleaner

Lawn Movers

Lawn Cutter

Lawn Care, Cutting Machine

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2020 Pictures coming soon

2020 Pictures coming soon

2020 Pictures coming soon